1. Examinations in all the branches will be conducted by the Central Examination Control Panel, Padrauna.

2. Results of the final examination of all branches, Results and certificates will be issued by the Central Examination Controller.

3. Controller of Central Examination will be liable only to the director. Any examination or Result related inquiry can be done only through the branch manager.

4. All examinations for each month will be conducted by the local examination department.

Question Paper:

1. Examination will be accepted only in Hindi language.

2. All examinations will be on semester theory and the student must pass all the semester examinations of his course inevitably.

3. To sit in each exam, you will have to submit a semester examination fee.

4. If the student is unable to take the semester exam after filling the examination form for some reason then giving instant notice can take the second time examination. If this does not happen, discipline will be deemed inferior.

5. After failing in a semester exam, the student will also have to undergo an advanced semester examination with the next semester.

6. The student can sit in the final examination only if he has deposited all the fees from his previous and passed all the semester exams.


1. For passing any semester exam it is mandatory to get minimum 60% marks.

2. After the student completes the final exam, the final score of the examination will be added in all the semesters of the exams in the final report and the basis of the same will be divided into category.

Full score totals category
1 60% to 69% 3rd category
2 70% to 79% 2nd
3 80% to 89% 1st

Note:- If there are 90 or more marks in any examination, special qualification will be obtained.

Question paper and marks distribution:

All courses will be of 100 marks per semester, which is divided by following:--

1 Written Exam: 40
2 Experimental Exam 50
3 Exercise Book 10

**Total marks in which 60 marks are compulsory.