Objectives of Institution:-

(Technical institution dedicated to serving the country against unemployment)

(Self-help to unemployed youth by providing skilled technical training).

Training System:-

The training system is based solely on theories and practicals.

Management of the institution:-

This institution is registered under the act 21,1860 of Utter Pradesh Govt. The permission to open a branch in any area of utter Pradesh has been given by the Registrar Society , which is managed according to the instruction of the managing committee.

Local management of each branch is done by branch manager(leaving the examination system). And examination is conducted by central examination controller and regional director has been appointed to strengthen the administrative system guide all the branch managers.

Training Guarantee:-

If the student is hard-working , the guaranteed institution of full training provided that the attendance of the student is 75% and his conduct is satisfactory.

Note:- if the session has expired and the student has not given the final exam then examination fee will also be deposited with the admission fee . if the student is absent for10 days after admission ,then the enrollment will be prohibited , and the admission will be seized and the permission to class will be granted only after enrollment.